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Soma ensures a young woman's first bra is a comfortable and rewarding experience.


Soma offers women's lingerie, bras, panties, swimwear, sleepwear & more.

Some girls get their first bra as young as eight. This is two years before middle school and can be an uncomfortable situation for girls and their parents. This brand extension makes Soma the only store with a large section dedicated to

a girl's first bra experience.

A third of the store allows girls to meet with a bra expert, be fitted in a smaller and more private area, and celebrate by getting their own free membership card.

Soma website

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In-store poster

In-store poster

In-store poster

Membership card

After bra number one, girls receive lifetime discounts and rewards only available to A Beginning members.


Soma encourages users to tell their first bra experiences. The most popular are shared from the Soma account.

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