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Pluto TV accidentally launches a technician into space,

and now we get free tv across social media.

rocket launch insta.jpg

Pluto TV offers tons of channels and movies for free. They announce a mission to the planet Pluto.

Moments before launch, Marv The Television Technician accidentally locks himself in the ship.

Trapped in his new home, Marv has no other option but to carry out the mission. And entertain folks back on Earth in

the process.

Marv livestreams on Pluto TV and recaps are posted to YouTube, TikTok, and other social platforms.

Youtube Channel.jpg


Marv finds

a button.



TikTok Live

Once the button is pressed, a countdown appears on select social media platforms.

Instagram Live

When the countdown reaches zero, Pluto TV is instantly accessible within social media.


Now you can stumble across a movie or a show while swiping on potential matches.

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